Hopi ear candles course, 1/2 day, £99, 3 Spaces

A very pleasurable and successful treatment using candles made from natural ingredients which act like a chimney, clearing and regulating pressure in the head and ears. This treatment is beneficial for clients with sinusitis, glue ear, rhinitis, headaches, colds and flu, excessive wax and tinnitus. The treatment also includes a shiatsu massage over pressure points on the head and **** to release blockages. Hopi Ear course contents: Content: ✓ The History of the Hopi Ear Candle ✓ Effects of Hopi Ear Candles ✓ Contra-indications to treatment ✓ Relevant anatomy and physiology ✓ Treatment procedure ✓ Massage routine ✓ Aftercare advice ✓ Costings and timings ✓ Hygiene and product knowledge Duration: ½ Day Qualification: Diploma Price: £99 Requirements: No experience required. Practical Work: All products and equipment are provided for you to complete your course.