Hispanic Women Networking and Workshop

Hispanic Women Listen Carefully! By 2024, Hispanic women are projected to account for 18.1% of the female labor force and 8.5% of the total labor force.  By 2024, the labor force participation rate of Hispanic women is projected to reach 57.4%, while White non-Hispanic women’s participation rate will fall to 55.7%. Yet 16.9 % of Hispanic families with children under 18 with a single, female householder who works full-time and year-round are in poverty.  Breaking this cycle of poverty begins with a financial education.  Learning the basics of money and finances and teaching it to our community. In this Workshop we will show you exactly how to: SET FINANCIAL GOALS     1. LEARN TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY     2. LEARN TO USE TAXES LIKE THE RICH     3. LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PERSONAL FINANCE FOR HISPANIC WOMEN     4. BECOME YOUR OWN MONEY MANAGER IN ADDITION WE WILL GIVE YOU:      1. FREE PERSONAL FINANCIAL STRATEGY ($500 VALUE)     2. FREE SAVING YOUR FUTURE BOOK NETWORKING AND LIGHT SNACKS 7:00PM TO 7:30PM WORKSHOP 7:30PM TO 8:30PM FREE UNTIL FREE TICKETS SELL OUT