Henry Yan-Figure Drawing and Figure Painting

*Please note that you need to sign up for this workshop a month before it begins.  Often we need to fly these instructors in.  If we don’t have enough people signed up to cover the basic costs we must cancel the workshops.  We want to run all of the workshops.  Please help us with this by signing up a month before the workshop begins. First Two days- Figure drawing.  In class practices and demos will be focused on how to draw both short and long pose with charcoals from life models. Different techniques mentioned in Henry’s book (Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing-Techniques and Tips) will also be introduced and practiced.  Other than techniques, students will also learn the methods in handling proportions, anatomy, rendering etc.,    Drawing supply list:   Charcoal pencil: medium and soft or 2B,4B, 6B.  Vine charcoal or willow: medium and soft.  Compressed charcoal(optional): soft or 4B; Kneaded eraser; Pencil sharpening knife; Drawing paper(18″x24″) medium tooth or smooth; Newsprint (18″x24″, smooth); Toned paper (a few pieces, optional); Drawing board. Second Two days: Figure painting- In class practices and demos will be focused on traditional, as well as contemporary ways of painting human figures and portraiture. Class will begin from a relatively simple, limited color palette for quick paint­ings, to full color palette long time paintings. Different techniques will be introduced and practiced.  Demos and individual help will show how to mix right skin colors based on lighting and environment conditions, and painting in a realistic way to more expressive  contemporary approach. Skills like how to mute colors in order to match the right values; how to handle color temperatures; method of premixing colors; the application of various thin and thick brushworks, edge control, lost and found, composition and design, etc, will be explained. This class is for all levels students. Canvas size: 14″x18″ or similar, canvas or canvas board. Paints: Titanium White  Cadmium Yellow Light or medium, Yellow ocher Cadmium Red Light or medium, Alizarin Crimson Chromium Green or sap green, Viridian Cerulean blue Ultramarine Blue Burned Sienna  Burned Umber BRUSHES: Bristle and  synthetic soft brushes: #2,#4,#6,#8 Palette and palette knife, Terpenoid or Gamsol Thinner, Linseed Oil Any questions please call Kathy at (616) 897-7842, ext. 352.