Hearts Release 2017 {stillbirthday}

[ NEWEST INFORMATION: the 2017 stillbirthday Hearts Release will be held at Marco Island, Florida. AVOW is a wonderful organization who we’ve connected with and we may release the hearts with them on their beautiful property. Marco Island was hit hard by Hurricane Irma. «Irma» means «Universal» and with thousands of floral seed hearts in every color of the rainbow, our universal message is one of hope. My eldest son will be with me and we will be helping in tangible ways there also. If you feel like you can travel to the Marco Island area to attend our FREE event, please feel welcome to call or email me (816.343.4615 or Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com) so we can meet there. Marco Island has a couple of very meainingful places I want to visit, including their Angel of Hope. Each year, stillbirthday hand writes the names of our beloved babies onto tiny, floral seeded hearts that later can grow into flowers. These hearts have been ceremoniously released all over the world. It is free to add your babies names. Our global community has a unique opportunity to come together in a virtual, tangible, powerful and meaningful way, and you are invited. ———- Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017 Time: 1pm – 3pm FREE! You are invited to attend if you are able. Angel of Hope Marco Island Cemetary 489 Elkcam Circle Marco Island Florida 34146 This is a FREE event, and is outdoors. It is family friendly. You can bring your own chairs or lawn blankets if you’d like. You can also bring a photograph (a copy is best to be sure an original doesn’t get blown away!) or a letter to your beloved baby if you’d like to hold these on our banner. To add your beloved babies’ names to be handwritten on a floral seeded heart, please visit our facebook page. You can call Heidi Faith at any time and I will be as available as possible. 816.343.4615 ~~~~~~~~~~ Time: 4pm – sunset This portion of the event is not open to the public as it is a private, small boat. Heidi Faith and photographer Caitlynn Eakins will board a private, guided boat tour in search of the most photographic spot to capture a gorgeous Hearts Release. These photos will be released for all of us. Jungle Jim’s Safari Private Dolphin and Island Tour as featured on the Travel Channel (here’s his facebook page) 740 Palm Street Drive Marco Island Florida Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms