HDR Confirmation Review Workshop

Are you a first year PhD student? Does the sound of a confimation review scare you??? Fear not, the HDR Peer Mentors have got you covered! The Confirmation Review workshop will be taking place on September 3rd so get in quick! Spots are limited!! We survivors of the confirmation review, will guide you through all the necessary admin procedures. But that’s not all! We will also be hosting some very special guests including current panel members such as Dr Andrew Moorehouse, and post-graduate coordinators Dr Nicole Jones (SoMS), A/Prof James Wood (Public Health) and Prof. Richard Gray (Kirby). These guests will take part in a mock panel review so you can get comfortable with the review process!  Last but definitely not least, we will be hosting a Q and A session with our guest speakers so we can address all your concerns and more! Light refreshments will be provided upon conclusion of the workshop. Zoom video-conferencing will also be available for off-site attendees.