Hackathon Readiness Workshop

Are you hackathon ready? Join local hackathon expert Mic Black as he takes you through key skills in rapid prototyping and working with hardware, sensors, dashboards and the thousands of Open Data services available from state and federal government services. This high-intensity, fast-paced workshop is available to all ages and no prior programming experience required however expect to wire-up, code and design your way through a series of exercises to become hackathon ready. Get data from hardware sensors on to a dashboard Integrate data from thousands of Open Data government sites Work with different data formats together Use rapid development tools to dominate any hackathon, making beautiful displays quickly Workshop location: Collaboration RoomBuilding H2University of the Sunshine Coast Best to park near carpark 11 as this runs adjacent to building H2. Who is it for? Students and the general publicYou don’t have to be a USC student to attend. This is an open and public series of workshops delivered at the university by external experts. People who already codeIf you are already experienced in programming, you’ll get something out of this workshop by learning how to use the powerful Readiness.IO rapid prototyping API, or how to use VueJS to make a live dashboard. People with limited or no experience in codeIf you are inexperienced in programming or have only worked with offline programming software, then you’ll learn how quickly you can prototype and deploy a solution using JavaScript. Free tickets? This high-quality workshop is fully sponsored and proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council.