Grant Writing Class

Grant WritingA hands-on workshop course (Special Discount $99, Regular $160) Course Description: A step by step hands on course that covers all the necessary aspects of writing a successful grant including the researching of funders, building, organizing and customizing proposals. Course material includes a preparation checklist, a glossary of terms, information on finding funders by type, sample proposals, letters and budgets. No previous experience is assumed or required. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in researching and writing grant proposals. Section 1Overview of the Grant Writing Process – essential terminology, models of successful proposals, the seven elements of writing a great proposal, and the importance of preparation. Section 2Identifying Needs and Focus – identify the needs of your organization, community and population being served, planning ahead for implementation. Section 3 Finding Funding Sources – researching available grants, collecting information about funders and how they evaluate proposals, the five primary types of funders: government, foundations, corporate, individuals, and alternative, matching grant and project Section 4 Developing General Proposals and Budgets – making pre-proposal contact with potential funders, submiting query letters, writing a fundable plan, making projects attractive to funders Section 5Preparing and Submiting Specific Proposals – creating a timeline, understanding grant guidelines and formal applications, compiling grant applications, the first draft, quality review and evaluation, assembling supporting data, packaging and submission, best practices – include key words, proof carefully, submit at least ten days before deadline, etc. Section 6 Responding to the Decision – thank you regardless of result, asking for feedback to improve future proposals, re-applying (the three submission approach) Section 7Grant Reporting – follow-up after reward, implementation, filing reports to funder, preparing for the next project Course Materials Include: a preparation checklista glossary of termsfunder information by typesample proposalssample letterssample budgets