Goal Setting Support Group

As human beings, there are many things that we want to achieve. In order to become successful in achieving all of our goals and dreams, we need a blueprint or layout to guide us otherwise we will take random steps that will make us very frustrated and overwhelmed. And the best tool to help you achieve your goals and dreams is goal setting. First, goal setting maps out what you need to do exactly without taking random steps. Second, goal setting helps you stay focus and increases your energy and motivation levels. Third, goal setting helps you pick yourself back up easier and quicker because your mind is laser focus to making sure you are successful. Fourth, goal setting helps you understand more about yourself to develop better goals and action steps. Fifth, goal setting is the perfect tool to develop positive habits and eliminate negative habits. Basically, anything that you want to do or achieve, it can be turned into a goal.  The purpose of this goal setting support group is to help you build the habit of taking action. When you develop the habit of taking action, then it does not matter what kinds of goals and dreams you set yourself, you will have the discipline and motivation to take action and become successful.  Weekly interaction Learn how to set successful goals Learn how to create your master goal list and vision board Brainstorming sessions to overcome your barriers and roadblocks Support from peers and instructors Motivational tools, tips, challenges and activities And so much more!