Give the gift of a Girl Power Workshop *voucher and you will be providing a special girl with an enriching, unique and fun experience with a lasting impact!  So, what is GIRL POWER all about? We provide fun, interactive well-being workshops for girls. Our mission is to foster a positive mindset, inner confidence and resilience in girls at a young age, before they embark on their teenage years and exposed to the powerful world of social media. Our workshops are based on positive psychology principles and delivered by way of fun, creative and engaging activities. Girls come away from our workshops knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives and with increased social awareness.  In a GIRL POWER workshop, the girls engage in movement, vibrant discussion, stories, games, role play and art as they explore topics such as identity, strengths, adopting a growth mindset, empathy, friendships, body image, positive vs negative thoughts and resilience. Parents are given ideas and inspiration for ways to continue their daughter’s well-being journey and adopt simple, yet powerful life-changing practices at home.  The company’s founder, Joni Combe is a qualified teacher with over 20 years experience in teaching and a special interest in positive psychology. All instructors are experts in their chosen field, with police clearance and First Aid training. Some comments from parents of past GIRL POWER workshop participants…  «I was so impressed with how the workshop ran. The activities were all great fun with a positive and empowering message underlying each of them. The girls finished the day with tools to help them think more positively about themselves and how they handle the inevitable difficulties they **** in social situations. Fabulous. I highly recomend girl power workshops!» Natushka, mother of Josie (9) «My daughter and her friend had such a wonderful time today Joni. They were busy talking about their favourite parts (all of it) and it’s been wonderful to see them put into practice some of the things they learnt such as their gratitude container. Wish there had been workshops like this for me when I was young. Thanks for this» Jess, mother of Matilda (11) “Lily loved it! She was excited to share what she learned with us. Also, the «smiley» vs «frownie» technique has already been applied at home. Thanks!” Anne-Marie, mother of Lily (7) «Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. Lola had a wonderful time. She thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!» Angie, mother of Lola (7) «Maddy had an amazing time this afternoon at the Girl Power workshop. I highly recommend these workshops aimed at building strong self esteem and confidence in young girls.» Amanda, mother of Maddy (8) *Once purchased, you will be emailed a voucher from GIRL POWER WORKSHOPS with a promo code that can be used for any of our FULL DAY workshops within 6 months of purchase. Please allow up to 2 business days to receive the voucher. Workshops are conducted regularly in metropolitan Adelaide – click here for upcoming dates. This voucher can be used for any of our full day workshops.