Ghost Dog: The Way of The Samurai

Ghost Dog: «You know, in ancient cultures, bears were considered equal with men.» Hunter: «This ain’t no ancient culture here, mister.» Ghost Dog: «Sometimes it is.» Ghost Dog is serio-comedy about a professional killer, Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker), who lives alone in a rickety loft, and communicates with his single employer, a wheezing Mafia hood, by means of the carrier pigeons he keeps. It is a movie with Jarmusch’s intriguing unlocatability of tone. Forest Whitaker’s Ghost Dog is glacially, massively serious in everything he does and says. Ghost Dog gets respect from everyone on the street, underscored by a soundtrack from RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan. And yet this gangsta poise coexists with a weirdly playful quality. Unlike Le Samouraï – Jean- Pierre Meville, something distinctly whimsical is at work in this grafting of Eastern martial codes on to the gun-for-hire culture of the United States. Tickets: €4 /€2 Verwijderen of bijwerken evenement | Contact | Privacy | Terms