Get Your Mojo Back: Goals and Purpose for Men

 Get Your Mojo Back: Goals and Purpose for Men This interactive workshop is for men who want to be more intentional and goal-oriented with their lives. It’s for you if you’ve ever thought: • I seem stuck in areas of my life.• All I do is work. I feel as though something vital is missing from my life.• I wish I had more guy friends to hang with.• I want to learn how to focus on my goals and clarify what I want. We’ll explore the experiences and messages that have guided how we’ve lived our lives. And we’ll learn about our saboteurs – those critical voices and thoughts that can keep us from reaching our potential. You’ll come away from this workshop with: Clarity of your goals Knowledge of what’s been holding you back Resources to power though barriers Connection of brotherhood –––––––––––––––––– Keith runs great workshops. He knows his stuff and really gets you thinking about how to apply the content to your own life. I highly recommend him. -Mike Rarer ––––––––––––––––––– You’ll leave with a better idea of the goals that are important to you and next steps to take on your journey. And you’ll meet other men of substance and realize that you’re not alone on this journey we call life. Please plan on arriving by 6:50 so we can start promptly at 7. I look forward to seeing you there. -Keith keith (at) keithfinger (dot) com P.S.: This workshop is a safe environment where everything is held in confidence and without judgment.   Contribute as much or as little as you’d like. P.P.S:  This is the last time the workshop will be free.