Geology Rocks!

The Rediscovery Centre Investigates series offers children the opportunity to explore environmental and STE(A)M topics all within the wonderful surroundings of the Boiler House, Ballymun. Our young investigators will use their super sleuthing skills to get a greater understanding of how the world works through a mixture of hands-on activities, presentations and design. Each Investigate workshop has its own unique focus and is guaranteed to delight enquiring young minds. Children who take part in all five workshops will be awarded their very own Certificate of Investigation! Investigate.2 – Geology: Geology Rocks! During the workshop the young investigators will embark on a journey of discovery of Earth: moving continents and erupting volcanoes, rocks and minerals in our daily life, ancient fossils and how they formed. A mix of presentation, interactive games and hands-on activities will disclose the wonders of our evolving planet. *Suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Duration: 90 minutes. *Minimum numbers required