Future Dads – Queen Elizabeth's Hospital

Event Information The Future Dads course at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital are situated in: The Ante Natal Seminar Room – 1st Floor (Above Main Entrance to Hospital on The Maternity Section ) The Future Dads course (previously the Expectant Fathers Programme) has been developed in the UK and is evidence based with input and guidance of UK fathers with special attention given to accessing hard to reach fathers and carers. It is currently the longest running fully evaluated programme for expectant fathers in the UK and is only available through Future Men. The programme aims to: Enhance your competence and confidence in your new role as a father; Prepare you to engage more actively in the pregnancy; Introduce practical skills you will need with your baby; Highlight your importance & help you discover the kind of father you want to be. The programme consists of a 1 day course on a Saturday from 10am to 4pm to make it more accessible for working expectant fathers. We look forward to welcoming you on the Future Dads course.  Please note the King’s College Hospital courses are only available to fathers who are having their babies at the hospital. You are required to provide us your MRN number that was given to you when booking for verification purposes. These workshops are popular and oversubscribed, so a waiting list is available. Should you be unable to attend we request you cancel your ticket as soon as possible, to allow other fathers to have an opportunity to attend.  Kind regards,  The Future Dads Team efp@futuremen.org “I’d really recommend the course to first time dads! We need more courses like this for fathers”. AL, Lewisham Hospital