Functional Biomechanics of the Knee

This fantastic one day workshop will focus on the lower body mechanics affecting the knee. ​ ​We work through the joints, ligaments and muscles to ensure you are confident assessing, training and treating the area. ​Fitness Professionals This workshop will enable you to train the lower body with confidence. Whether training a healthy client, or one with knee/hip pain. Whether they have had a knee replacement or knee surgery you will leave fully understanding the structures involved and how to train them safely. ​Health Professionals This workshop will give you confidence to assess and treat the knee and lower body. We will explain how the muscles affect the joint and cause dysfunction. You will leave fully understanding how conditions such as Patella Tendonitis and Runners Knee occur and how you can treat them to ensure they never return.  We will cover Ligament and Meniscus injuries and explain how they occur and how to treat and rehabilitate them fully. ​ Event dates: 25th May 2019 – Warwickshire – Tickets Available​ 15th September 2019 – Bristol – Tickets Available ​Course Content: Theory: Overview of the knee. Patello-Femoral Joint structure and function. Implications for injury, treatment and training. Femoral -Tibial Joint structure and function. Implications for injury, treatment and training. Injury of cartilage, ligaments and capsular structures, how to treat and train people with these issues..s. Superior Tibio-Fibular joint: Appreciation of Clinical significance and injury implications. Nerves affecting the knee and their implications in injury and pain. Foot, hip, pelvis:  Appreciation of relationship and influence on the bio-mechanical forces produced at and affecting the knee. Practical: Palpating bony landmarks.  Assessments of Patello-Femoral Joint. Including muscle tests, hands on treatment techniques, rehabilitation and training considerations. Assessment of Cartilage, Ligaments, Capsular structures. How to treat, rehabilitate and train people with dysfunction. Assessments of Femoral-Tibial Joint.  Including muscle tests, hands on treatment techniques, rehabilitation and training considerations. Nerve Testing, and Rehabilitation with respect to the knee and hip joints. Case studies.