French Tutor (2019-12-22 starts at 10:00 AM)

I started teaching French in the private sitting when I came to San Francisco in 1996.My classes are natural, fun, creative and I make sure to provide the needs of my is unique , and I accommodate each student in their path.I like to teach French in a comfortable and cultural style.You will know new/old French songs, watch French movies, go on field trips to enjoy French arts, French cheese & wine and $45/hour private teaching my office Adults/Children$200/hour 30 minutes private teaching included field trips (Cheese, wine, restaurant, Museum)$45/hour on Skype. Contact ID Paule-Dominique AnneheimPackage of 10 private teachings my office for $399 $25/hour class sitting for 3 or 10 students Adults/Children*Basic French class *Intermediate French class*High-Intermediate French class $120 each for the day for 5 to 10 students included field trips(Cheese, wine, restaurant, Museum)Package of 10 class sittings in my office for $2253 or 10 students Adults/Children $100/hour in your house Adults/Children$80/hour private teaching for couples in my office #french #fun #language #self improvement #sf #tutorBy completing this booking request, you acknowledge that this is a request that needs to be confirmed by our Partners. Once verified, you will receive a confirmation email.