FREE Viewfinder Workshop July (Photography)

We run Viewfinder workshops nearly every month for photographers we’ve never met are a great forum for photographers of all levels to discuss the hobby they are passionate about.  (Max 10 people)You may have problems that you’d like advice on, questions about cameras, lenses, composition, lighting and editing.  We, in turn, get first-hand insights into what issues are really bugging photographers today.  We use this information to regularly fine-tune our workshops and teaching programs.  Viewfinders are essentially round-table discussions with some collaborative brainstorming, and discussions focussed around key aspects of photography that you are keen to learn.   If you would like to submit up to a maximum of 3 of your own photographs (although not compulsory), please email them across at least a week before the session. If possible, one image you’re really proud of… and two that have disappointed you. Each image will be reviewed, and friendly, constructive feedback and advice will be given. Please note: we will contact you before the event to ask for a mobile number in case we need to call you last minute. Sessions are led by Hampshire School of Photography’s Founder and Director, Kevin Ahronson Testimonies Here’s what a couple of previous attendees said about their Viewfinder experience: «I attended one of the HSP Viewfinder Workshops earlier this year.  Meeting others with a shared interest in a friendly, supportive group, led by Kevin, made us all welcome to contribute our level and style of photography.  It has restarted my interest in developing my skills from and OK Dad snapper, to creating images and getting those family portraits away from ‘usual'»    Simon «I went to the Viewfinder workshop not knowing what it was all about, but only because it was free and who wouldn’t want free goodies!! The best part of the workshop was the review I got about the images I had submitted – the good and the bad. It was interesting to see what others thought of my work especially Kevin, the expert in the field. The attendees got to express their fears and confusions about different aspects of photography. Kevin explained and offered some free tips to all on how they could improve. Kevin was a great help in guiding me on how to progress further after understanding my concerns.»  Trish