Free | Keep cooking, and start composting #GoGreen

Every Sunday afternoon. For more information, you may chat here on Facebook, or add @LiveADeliciousLife to join Foodie WeChat group. You know everything starts with youYesterday you were eating takeouts and today you are making your own compostWhat happened? More importantly, what’s next? Growing vegetables in the apartment? Launching a #LoveFoodLoveTheEarth campaign? You know what, let’s start from the basics -Are you willing to share your deepest secretAbout making the perfect compost heap from kitchen wasteAfter we say thank you by cooking a delicious vegetable dish? Deal?…Great it’s a date!——————————WHERE AND HOWTo make the event happen, it requires at least1 host(who says hi to everyone, offers venues, sets the amount of money to share the cost of ingredients, and collects payments)1 chef(who cooks and teaches to feed everyone)1 creator(who makes one’s own happiness, and compost)N Guests (Number depends on the venue) Please choose your role when signing up. You can be the host, chef and also the creator if you are just that awesome.——————————Free For everyoneAll guests pay only for ingredients (It’s free should you BYO ingredients)Host serves you for freeChef / Creator teaches for freeFun times for EVERYBODY——————————Sign up now By simply messaging @LiveADeliciousLife on WeChat, or @ on Facebook Everyone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or will be canceled automatically if no hosts / chefs / creators / guests sign up.——————————Have a delicious time at a surprisingly low priceFoodieTo have a new place you call home wherever you goInvite yourself to delicious events in the neighborhoods around the globe