First Time Home Buyer Seminar

Are you thinking of buying your first home? Each Free First Time Home Buyer seminar is taught by a mortgage professional and one of our real estate brokers. These are NOT sales presentations, they are true seminars. We guarantee the authenticity of the class.  Some of the topics covered: Roles of the Lender/Mortgage Broker  Your Credit  Pre-Approval  Roles of the Real Estate Agent  Searching for Properties  Contracts  Negotiation  Closing Some of the questions asked by potential buyers at a recent seminar: How much can I afford?  Can I get a loan to cover rehab costs?  When should we talk to a lender?  What are lender fees? What’s the norm?  What are points?  Is the down payment different from closing costs?  Why do people get into ARM’s vs. Fixed loans (good question especially right now)?  What can I do to get my credit score higher?  Can we still get a home if one of us has great credit and the other has not so great credit?  Where do I start in the negotiation process?  Does earnest money show the seller how serious the buyer is? We hope to see you there!