Financially Free Family

From your children’s education to your dreams for retirement, your hopes for the future can sometimes be hard to believe in. The truth is, belief isn’t enough. What families need today is to know the facts, understand what tools are available, and create strategies that work. How much do you need to accumulate to become financially free?  How do you set goals with your family? How do you stay motivated to have a budget? How can we help more families create and keep wealth, Stay out of debt, plan for kids college and get on the path to attain financial freedom? Let’s talk about forming new Habits that lead to wealth accumulation. Looking forward to seeing you at this fun family event.    FAQs   Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? No there isn’t. It is a family event so people of all ages are welcome. Children under 13 will need to be accompanied by an *****.  What are my parking options for the event? Ample parking is available.    What can I bring into the event? You could bring a snack to share if you wish however snacks, training & writing materials will be provided.    How can I contact the organizer with any questions? You can send an email to for more information, we would really appreciate that you cancel if you are unable to attend or confirm your attendance by texting ‘plan family’ to 474747, as this helps our planning efforts to go smoothly. Thank you.