Ferntree Gully Laughter Club

Community Laughter Clubs are free and you are welcome to come along. We do not tell jokes at laughter club and practice ‘fake it till you make it’ because when we are new there may be uncomfortableness or resistance to laughing ‘for no reason’. This quickly changes as a general rule and we encourage everyone to become involved, as it’s ideal to take ourselves less seriously. Getting out of your comfort zone encourages self confidence and it’s fun, as we embrace our inner children. My husband John confirms this and says he becomes energised and to stretch yourself – use the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone; we need to keep on learning and experiencing new things. What’s more, scientific research has proven that Laughter Yoga is very good for you and is fast becoming accepted as a beneficial, even healing modality. You are welcome – the more the merrier! We are friendly, social and good company. We usually go afterwards for a cup of tea or coffee to a cafe, which is a good socialisation and connecting time, very nice indeed. Click here to go to the webpage.