Facebook Advertising and Promotion (Feb)

What You Will Learn? During this course, you will be taken through step by step on how you can develop and implement a Facebook ad campaign. We will look at your business goals and objectives this year and see how Facebook Advertising can help you achieve these. Zoe will take you through the process of planning an ad, creating an ad, monitoring an ad and measuring an ad! By the end of this course you will know why and how you will be using Facebook Advertising in your marketing plan. AGENDA What is Facebook Advertising and the jargon around this. What are your business goals and objectives and how can you use Facebook Advertising to fulfil these. Plan your campaigns for your Facebook Advertising Learn the different Facebook Ad campaign goals Who are your target audience Build custom audiences (demographcs, interests and behaviours) Create a compelling, call to action Facebook Ad (explore content limitations, image sizes, word limits and rules) Set budgets and discuss CPM and CPC Facebook Ad Management, monitoring and measurement. Q & A Each person will receive a Facebook Advertising Jargon Worksheet and Workbook for the Workshop! Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be provided.