Experimental Jam

A playground for adults, where we play, move and dance within the unpredictable framework that the present moment holds. We experiment, create and constantly transform what is happening in this space of co-creation between music, movement and moments of silence. A safe space in which we explore in a playful and mindful way what is happening in the here and now No previous experience is need, just the will to be open to the experience! **Insurance is the participants’ responsibility. NEWCOMERS: We ask you to please arrive on time for the opening circle so you don’t miss the introduction! Warm up with Tanja Saban check out her fb page: Fluid Identities (you might know her from her Gaga classes) Music with Arjan Vriezen and Special Guest 15:00 DOORS OPEN 15:30 Opening Circle 15:40 Guided Warm Up 16:00 Experimental Jam 18:30 Closing Circle OPTIONAL POST JAM GATHERING 18.30 … Where: Dynamo-Tanzdach Fixed Price: 35-25 CHF More is always welcome and appreciated as it supports the work we do! *please bring cash For more information contact Alicia at: