Evangelism Reformation Conference

Today’s statistics show that the number one reason why the church in America doesn’t share the Gospel, is not due from a lack of training, but from a lack of trust in the Gospel’s power to save. This unbelief in the Gospel’s power to rescue a sinner from death is the chief reason why we see so much pragmatism and man-centered gimmicks obsessively being pedaled among the church today. There has been an attempt to compensate for this reality by filling in this great void by appealing to men by worldly means. When the biblical Gospel is substituted by a pleasure-driven, man-centered message, we should expect to see the tragic reprucussion both within the church and without. The church suffers from our cold indifference to God’s ordained means of reaching men, and the world around us suffers from not hearing the Truth. This is the reason for the upcoming conference. This is a call to return to the evangelism that has shaken the nations throughout history. Men like Martin Luther, John Knox, George Whitefield etc. Today we are in need of a greater reformation. We are in need of an Evangelism Reformation. Speakers will include: Voddie Baucham, Jeff Rose, Mark Spence, Jeff Pollard, Scott Brown, Dr. Jason Lisle, Ben Seewald and Chuck O’Neal. Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms