ADAM KURTZ LIST @ DRAIS NIGHTCLUB  DOORS OPEN AT 10PM LADIES FREE UNTIL 1AM GUYS WITH A FEMALE GUEST FREE UNTIL 1AM DRESS CODE: NO HATS, NO SNEAKERS, NO SHORTS, NO FLIP FLOPS, DRESS TO IMPRESS MUST HAVE A VALID 21+ ID TO ENTER YOUR CONFIRMATION THAT YOU RECIEVE THROUGH E-MAIL IS YOUR TICKET MAKE SURE YOU SHOW THE CONFIRMATION E-MAIL AT THE GUEST LIST LINE AND NOT THE EVENTBRITE TICKET FOR ENTRY If you’re not in the club scene, or your only interaction with the club scene is turning up for the music, you might not know the name Victor Drai. That’s ok. He put his name all over something you’re sure to remember — Drai’s Nightclub. It’s the place in Vegas for club patrons who know the difference between upscale and just scaled up. An elevator ride above the Cromwell, a sensual boutique hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, Drai’s Nightclub continues the Cromwell’s attitude of specifically-chic ambiance catering to a crowd of clever and well-off waifs. The clientele can tell that the Strip is changing and they know how small batches of craft work offer greater taste. So coming to Drai’s means accepting that the club is as much a place for art as getting wasted. They offer the usual decadence you’d expect like private jet charters and bottle service packages including ridiculously expensive champagne. But even for the average club goer the space is filled with the party favors, drinks and a giant disco ball you need to create a priceless night. And that’s just inside. When the night is warm, which is a lot of time in Vegas, the pool area is open with a view of the Strip, Caesar’s Palace and Bellagio across the street, and the occasional burst of fireworks set off by someone who probably paid more for that honor than we make in a month of writing about it. In many ways, Drai’s Nightclub is like its competitors and it’s cohorts — Drai’s Afterhours and Drai’s Beach Club — but thanks to the efforts of renowned creator Victor Drai and the smaller but special styling of the Cromwell, Drai’s Nightclub has carved out a star-shaped space in a city almost bursting with supernovas. And with the mega performers who have hit the stage, like Iggy Azalea, the Weekend and more, Drai’s Nightclub is a venue that brings the show to the party and thanks you for attendance.  If you want a true nightclub experience that still speaks to the boutique mentality of the too-cool-for-everything millennium, try Drai’s Nightclub. Then go to Drai’s Afterhours. The contrast makes them both cooler.