Dorsoduro: the art district of Venice

Come to explore the best district of Venice with a professional tour guide!

About this Event

During the walk we will discover the eastern part of Dorsoduro district, which is the most artistic part of Venice with its amazing art galleries and interesting museums. I will give you an introduction to the city of Venice, its history, how and why it was founded in the middle of a lagoon and then we will explore the narrow streets to see where some among the best art collections of Italy are located, breath taking panoramas and wonderful palaces on the Grand Canal. All of this mixed together with curious and weird facts that will keep you interested all along the way.

Come with me and discover the hidden parts of this amazing city on a private walking tour!

I will take you to the most authentic Venetian neighborhoods, for intriguing stories, weird discoveries and wonderful locations. The purpose of this tour is to show you the real, hidden Venice, leading you to less touristic locations off the beaten track. You’ll get to experience hidden spots full of interesting history, architecture and culture. | Contatto | Privacy | Terms