Discovery training

The basics of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Digital Assets – Discovery Training: Blockchain discovery   Blockchain is the new fashionable topic. This technology appeared in 2009 at the same time as the bitcoin and is on everybody’s lips since then. Blockchain is a technology that will revolutionize many industries and core businesses: Product traceability in the food industry, trusted third parties in the financial industry, storage of private data information, state governance rules, digital identity, etc. Whether you are a working professional or a student, there is high probability that the blockchain will impact your future. This 3 hours training was designed for anyone who wants to discover the basics of blockchain and the potential of its use cases.   The program is divided into 3 main topics, each involving working professionals and includes:   Topic 1: Blockchain Foundations Topic 2: Blockchain Consulting Topic 3: Blockchain Architecture   We provide the best environment and the necessary tools to make the best out of your learning experience, plus you get the valuable chance to exchange thoughts and knowledge. Meet your instructors: Luigi Riva, Manager and Blockchain Architect Kamal Youssefi, Industry Lead Enterprise Blockchain Jorge Alvarado, Senior Manager and Blockchain Architect In collaboration with: Please contact our team, if you have any questions about the training program or you’re interested in group registration discounts:  Visit our website for more information:  Or follow us on: LinkedIn:  Entfernen oder Ereignis zu aktualisieren