Direct Payments Peer Support Workshop Rugby

Come and meet with the Independent Living Team and Local Comunity Workers to find out how to make the most of your Direct Payments. Or you can come along if you are an organisation who are already, or would like to start, providing support to customers recieving Direct Payments and want to find out more about this topic. There will be a range of workshops and activities to choose from, plus the opportunity to meet local community groups and organisations as well as other people who are receiving Direct Payments from Warwickshire County Council. Workshop topic so far are: How your Direct Payment can be used in the Community What do I need to think about to keep myself and others safe? How do I find out what is happening in the local area? How does this work with a Personal Assistant? What is a pre-paid card and how can I get one? We hope this will be a fun and engaging event and, as always, there will be the opportunity for you to network with other attendees and for you to provide your feedback to us about future events like this.