Devops Implementation 3 Days Bootcamp in Antwerp

Course Description: DevOps is gaining momentum, therefore, think of this course before looking elsewhere for the DevOps movement in your organization. As DevOps is gaining momentum this course will prepare participants in aligning this new, agile way of thinking with the traditional ITSM processes. Course Topics: Part 1 : What is DevOps…Really? ●     History of the movement ●     DevOps – More than just Dev and Ops ●     The Anatomy of a DevOps mentality Part 2 : The Cultural Component ●     Leadership ●     Organizational Culture – can it really be changed? ●     Individual Contribution to Culture ●     A New Way to Fail ●     Kaizen and Continuous Improvement Part 3 : Implementing the DevOps Way of Work ●     The Manufacturing Analogy ●     Cataloging and Eliminating Waste ●     Agile Infrastructure ●     Infrastructure as Code ●     Configuration Management in the Cloud ●     Monitoring and Measurement ●     Kanban – Visualizing and Tracking IT Work ●     Security ●     Change Management ●     Managed Deployments ●     Time-Blocking and Integrating Internal IT Work ●     Automation ●     Deep Dive: Automation Tools ●     Towards Continuous Operation ●     DevOps in the Enterprise ●     Class Conclusion: Charting your course  Learning Goals: Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management  Course Agenda: Day 1 ●     History of DevOps ●     The Cultural Component ●     Kaizen and Continuous Improvement Day 2 ●     Implementing the DevOps Way of Work ●     Cataloging and Eliminating Waste ●     Agile Infrastructure ●     Monitoring and Measurement Day 3 ●     Kanban ●     Security ●     Change Management ●     Automation ●     DevOps in the Enterprise | Contact | Privacy | Terms