Detox Sugar, Lose Weight Diet Membership

I bet you’re thinking, I don’t eat sugar or a-lot of it. The truth is 75% of Americans are not aware of hidden sugar in our food system. Let me help you explore nutrition labels, ingredients and the links that they have on our wellness. Do you feel tired, overweight, depressed and fatigue? Do you have coffee in the morning to mask the fatigue and wine in the evening to calm you down? Join the 21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge Monday February 18th 2019 START ANYTIME YOU CHOOSE, THIS IS A ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP>>>> Registration OPEN NOW! It is a challenge. Research has found sugar to be more addictive than cocaine! With support, ideas, a plan and baby step coaching, we can overcome this addiction and open our lives to better health and wellness. OUR SUCCESS RATE FOR RESULTS IS VERY HIGH FOR THOSE WHO ACTUALLY COMMIT TO THESE SUGGESTIONS. MEMBERS HAVE HAD A1C LAB WORK CONFIRMING BLOOD SUGAR REDUCTION WITHIN 21 DAYS!!! Once you have registered, I will add you to the group for more details. This membership gives you exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group. I will be hosting a support group full of education, strategic planning and reprogramming old belief systems that no longer serve us. Recipes, fun-tips, interactive support and high energy fellowship of like-minded folks doing this together as one! Making healthy choices on a budget is challenge. This group is a safe space to ask or give advice, feedback and encouragement, all at the palms of your hands! Whenever you have a question thought or concern post a comment or private message me for a private conversation. I will guide and walk you through, changing habits for healthier choices by teaching and sharing tips I’ve learned on my own journey to wellness. Join the group. If you choose you can also provide measurements, pictures and weight to get accountability and support for your 21 days to a healthier lifestyle. I suggest posting your pictures and measurements, but it isn’t mandatory…if you do not post, journal the measurements for yourself. MEASUREMENTS: YOUR Current Weight, measurements for R-Bicep, L-Bicep, Chest, Waist, Muffin, Hip, L-Thigh, R-Thigh and each Calf. **PICTURES: ** Your front, front flex, side profile, back and back flex  These can be in boxed to me via fb or posted in the group…I encourage your post! I’ll be giving away other fun random prizes to participants. ONLY those who register will be eligible to win any of the many drawings and prizes in the contest itself. I will be doing several FUN drawings WEEKLY for those eligible! PLEASE LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT THIS AMAZING OFFER! the more people the more accountability and the more FUN!!! ++Due to the Nature of the Challenge NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS OF ANY KIND PERIOD> Let’s make this fun, share your recipes and ideas! We will start, February with setting goals and creating a vision board for what we’d like to accomplish in 2019. We will seek full health and wellness by balancing all the sectors in our life. Starting with Home-cooking, Physical wellness, Home-Environment wellness, Social life, Relationship, Education, Career, Finance, and Spirituality wellness. The goal is to be able to measure success at the end of this year, finding a healthier new you both emotionally and physically. Let me be your guide and supporter! Follow the light, Veronica Rosa-Collazo Like, Follow and Subscribe to