DescolonizARTE Teatro

Friday, November 8th DescolonizARTE Teatro $20 general admission. $10 for Timucua Members, veterans, active military, and students.   Descolonizarte Teatro will present two Latin American plays in the first public Spanish-language production on the Timucua Arts Foundation stage on Friday, November 8: El Delantal Blanco by Sergio Vodanovic (Chile) and El Censo by Emilio Carballido (Mexico).   In an evening directed by Nadia Garzón, the ensemble features Ricky Avila, Edna Betancourt, Oscar J. Cuesta, Aurora Davidowitz, Bernardo Mayorga, Lisa María Morales, Paula Trinidad and Leonor Velosa.   Through the use of theater as a tool for decolonization, Descolonizarte Teatro seeks to provide opportunities for Latin American playwrights, directors, actors and actresses to showcase their talents, while recognizing the Latin American experience and celebrating Latin American culture and its contributions in and outside the United States.