Deaf / BSL Bloc plans for national march for health, home…

National Demonstration – Saturday 16 April – March for: HEALTH, HOMES, JOBS & EDUCATION – End Austerity Now Last year, there was a massive march against the cuts, with about 250,000 people marching through central London, including a Deaf bloc (group). Let’s do the same this April! NUBSLI, the interpreters’ union, is organising BSL/English interpreters again, and we will have BSL using stewards as before. Our meeting point is at 12pm – see map and directions in the pinned post below this.

The march is being organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity – – they asked us to help to publicise this to the Deaf community 🙂

The march is about 4 things: HEALTH: – Fully funded and publicly owned NHS – end privatisation – Invest in NHS workers – end the staffing crisis – No cuts or closures HOMES: – Leave social housing alone – Secure homes for all – Control rents

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