Data Science Workshop

Welcome to Junction X The Shortcut Python Data Science Workshop! Junction is an organization that arranges the Europe’s biggest Hackathon and The Shortcut is a talent accelerator, which provides the entry point to entrepreneurship & tech. This time, we have combined our powers to create a workshop, where you can learn the basics of data science, and how to work with data in Python. The idea of the workshop is to inspire and encourage you to get out there and learn more about Python! By attending our workshop, you can get a kickstart to your coding journey. During the workshop there is hands-on and interactive teaching, so you’ll get to do and solve real life problems right away PLACE: The Shortcut Lab at Maria01 TIME: 21.9. Saturday PRICE: FREE! + Free snacks and drinks WHAT YOU NEED?: Only your laptop and yourself To this workshop, you need your own laptop and some coding experience but you don’t need to be a confident supercoder because we’ll have many assistants and mentors to help you. If you have for example attended Junction Python Basics workshop this Spring, this is a great opportunity to expand and further develop your skills! Poista tai päivitä tapahtuma