Daring Greatly – based on the teaching of Dr Brene Brown

A workshop based on the teachings of Dr Brene Brown, presented by Jen Harris from Relationship Bootcamp. Jen is a Social Worker and a certified facilitator in Dr Brene Brown’s Daring Way Curriculum and Rising Strong Program. Have you ever been taught how to handle your hard emotions? Or how to have a difficult conversation? How long does it take you to bounce back after setbacks? Vulnerability and understanding our reactions and emotions impacts on us all – both in professional and personal spheres. This workshop is all about learning how to live, love and lead wholeheartedly with authenticity, how to ask for what you need, how to use our words courageously and how to get back up when things don’t go our way. It is about learning to lean into the uncomfortable and live a life where you show up and be seen. This workshop is open to anyone to attend. EARLY BIRD TICKETS – $450 for all tickets purchased before 1st June 2020 REGULAR TICKETS – $500 for all tickets purchased after 1st June 2020