Daniel and the Lions: Exploring the story at Second Level

Come and explore a story! This training is open to any Primary school teacher or school chaplain/schools worker. Refreshments will be available from 3.30 and our session will start at 4pm.  Together we will hear the story of Daniel and the Lions and explore it. We’ll learn how to discover Christian belief from the story and then consider what we can learn no matter what we believe. This training session is aimed at Second Level. You’ll discover how to make RME active and engaging and how easy it is to link it across the curriculum. The session is based on a Bible story, so focussing on Christianity, but all the ideas will be applicable and easily transferable to other faiths/beliefs and indeed across the curriculum. The session will: Enable teachers to build their confidence in teaching Christianity in a setting where children hold a variety of beliefs. Provide teachers with a clear understanding of the story of Daniel and the Lions including the key Christian beliefs found in it. Provide ideas to facilitate learning around the values found in the story and to encourage thinking on how faith and belief affects the world we live in. Model how this story can be used across the curriculum and allow teachers to reflect on the positive impact of that.