Dan Croll w/ The Dig

Lincoln Hall | Fri., Sept. 15 | 9:00 PM | 18+ | $17 The Big Beat on 93XRT welcomes… Dan Croll: dancroll.com The Dig: thedigmusic.com Dan Croll is a solo artist making earworm-laden pop music with an ambitiously genre-hopping set of influences. He balances bountiful hooks with the kind of densely rewarding production that you’d expect from someone who spends half the year tweaking and testing in their home studio. Dan was born in 1990 to a marketing consultant dad and nurse mum in Trentham, a suburb of Stoke-On-Trent in England, home of Robbie Williams and Slash. Being caught on the wrong end of a nasty challenge at 17 cut short a career at rugby’s highest level, leaving him with his other adolescent obsession, music, partly acquired from his mother, a jazz, blues and folk fan who used to sing in brass bands. His first love was the nu metal of Blink 182 and Sum 41 followed by – via his older sister – the indie rock of The Strokes and The Libertines. He would later discover the varied pleasures of everyone from The Beach Boys to Beirut, Grizzly Bear and A Tribe Called Quest. Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms