CXP CEO Retreat – New York City

Christian CEO Group Retreat Experience  Christian CEO Group Retreat.  Ever wish you could spend one full day with other entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners,  breaking through everything that’s keeping you from taking your business to the next level? Do you want a chance to have your problems heard, analyzed, and solved by CEOs who have been there, and who have figured out solutions to the problems that every business faces, including yours?  Are you working «in» your business or «on» your business? A CEO Group Retreat Day can make the difference for you like it has for other successful Christians CEO’s. You are invited to be my guest at the CXP Retreat.  You will have a full day of discussion, problem-solving, support and accountability. The day is fully facilitated and highly interactive. You will not be asked to share any information that makes you uncomfortable.   Your CEO Retreat will consist of 5 Blocks of time that will help you to grow as a leader.  (1) You will have a block devoted to learning Biblical principles that you can apply in life and business.  (2) You will have a block of time devoted to Broad Learning where you will study leadership guides that have been written by Christian business owners for Christian business owners.  (3) You will have a block of time devoted to strategic planning and focus where you can determine your next steps.  (4) You will have a block of time to ask questions to real-time situations and issues that you are facing.  (5) You will have a block of time to learn from other successful business owners as they talk in depth about the success and failures of their business.   What You Can Expect From Your CEO Roundtable Day: 1.  Apply BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES that work in growing your business.   …apply Biblical principles that have been proven over thousands of years that will make your life and your business better.   2.  Wisdom from other BUSINESS OWNERS who get your issues and question but has your same values.   …ask questions to get Godly counsel to your specific needs/issues.3.  Learn BEST IDEAS from successful business leaders who have done it …listen to in-depth overall analysis of successful Christian businesses so that you can apply best ideas to your business.  4.  STRATEGIC THINKING to help move your business forward  ..create .action steps (WIN Lists) that will help you to remain focused during the next month to push your business forward.  5.  LEADERSHIP LEARNING to cover many aspects of your Business and Life …in-depth executive guides that will challenge your thinking in many areas of the business and your life to help you overcome blind spots that may be hindering your growth.