Croatia Summer Sensual and Salsa Festival – Promo Code RRDCI

Summer Sensual Days – Promo Code RRDCI 22nd – 27th of June 2016 Why don’t you extend your stay in beautiful Rovinj and experience the ultimate sensual explosion. Nice, smooth, slow and sexy… a perfect intro into the wild and crazy salsa festival the following week. Bachata, kizomba, zouk and more… Dancing sensual dances with a selected number of people in amazing venues and learning from the best instructors in the world – that’s what’s Summer Sensual Days is all about. This festival was created as a smooth introduction to a week full of partying on Croatian Summer Salsa Festival. It is a more intimate event, with a limited number of participants sharing the same passion – this festival offers a whole new joy of dancing sensual Carribean and Latin dances.

UNIQUE SEA, SUN & SALSA FESTIVAL – Promo Code RRDCI Unforgettable 13 days of sea, sun, dance, old & new friendships and fun – packed up in a beautiful Mediterranean town with rich history. FROM JUNE 27TH UNTIL JULY 4TH 2016 IN ROVINJ | Contact | Privacy | Terms