Crisisworks (Basic User – EMLO, ERC and MECC roles)

IMPORTANT: Only register if you are able to attend the full session.  If you are unable to stay for the time allocated, please book to attend a different session This course provides the basic components and functionality of the Crisisworks system. Crisisworks is an online program that electronically logs activity in an emergency. This is a practical session that will involve participants using the system. Who should attend: All staff including; EM Managers/Coordinators/Officers MERO and Deputies MRM and Deputies MECC Facility Managers MECC Planning or Logisitics Officers MECC Admin Support EMLO ERC Manager and Assistants ERC Precinct/Site Team Leader and Officers ERC Community Support Team Leader and Officers ERC Logistics Team Leader and Officers ERC Admin Team Leader and Officers ERC Information Team Leader and Officers This training was developed by the North Western Metropolitan Region Emergency Management Collaboration for local government staff from the region.