Creative Journaling Dream Circle

Honour your dreams in a sacred space, and discover new ways to be creative in your journaling and dreaming! Invite your inner child to play games and release the artist, writer, and creator in You! Learn how to unpack your dreams in an 8 minute Lightning Dreamwork Process with Dream Teacher Leanda Michelle who attained her certification with Robert Moss and his Active School of Dreaming, and receive helpful non-intrusive feedback. You’ll discover what action to take and how easy life can be with this simple technique, and the best thing is you are the final authority of your dreams. Our dreams will be shared in a conscious way, and you’ll be invited to revisit a dream to gain further insight. With permission, we’ll support each other in tracking another person’s dream to add more depth to their vision. We’ll also play a synchronicity game, call our dream helpers in song, play the Spark of Creativity Game, and learn the Nine Keys to Dream Understanding. What is a dream? A dream was once seen as passive and personal, but from a deeper and wiser perspective dreams can be a highly active undertaking. In ancient Egyptian language a dream was both an awakening and a place. To dream is to Soul travel. We can consciously and intentionally travel into a dreamspace for adventures, healing and initiation. What may you expect: To be fully supported and held in Divine Love and Grace within a community of like-minded dreamers who are actively seeking their bigger life story. Dreams are an extension of who we are and are an integral part of our wholeness. Supplied: Morning and afternoon tea and refreshments, art materials, sound healing and facilitation What to bring: Journal and pen Eye Mask A crystal or item you want to place on the alter for charging A plate of vegetarian food to share in community Water bottle, yoga mat, cushion, throw rug Your curious genuine heart-centred Self