Copy of Financial Networking Seminar

Creating Generational Wealth®: What the Super Wealthy Know that YOU Need to Know Only one thing stands between you and the generational wealth you desire to create: developing a proven, time-tested plan based on solid information. The wealthiest families and institutions around the globe use this approach every single day. Eighty percent of Americans do not have the information they need to create financial stability or generational wealth. While it may seem like you have to be wealthy to generate even more wealth, nothing can be further from the truth. Key topics include: Managing your finances like a business; Choosing your financial advisor carefully; Building a financial team; Creating a solid financial foundation; Minimizing taxes and inflation; and Protecting your money. There are no secrets! With extensive experience and decades of research as its foundation, this program helps participants learn how ordinary people create lasting financial legacies by using a proven, practical approach. Building Your Own Bank: Maximizing Centuries-old Wealth Legacy Building Strategies When people think of the most powerful bank in the world, they often neglect to see the true power of their own financial position. Learn how traditional banks use your money to make money and how you can use these same wealth accumulation principles to “be your own bank.” You will either be the customer of a bank or you can learn how to be the bank…the choice is yours.