concert:nova The Sound of Science

Listed by NPR as one of the “8 Albums You Need to Hear Now,” The Sound of Silence was an expansive project conceived by film composer Graham Reynolds.  Commissioned by Golden Hornet (of which Reynolds is artistic director), the concert & album paired celebrated composers with the work of seven famous scientists.  Co-curated by and written for Jeffrey Zeigler (Kronos Quartet), the works are performed by amplified cello and electronics, and contemplate such concepts as synapse development, climate change, radiation and intergalactic travel. Featuring works by and based on:  Yuka Honda (Japan/NYC) and Katherine Johnson (Mathematician)  Foday Musa Suso (The Gambia) and George Washington Carver (Botanist)  Felipe Pérez Santiago (Mexico City) and Jill Tarter (Astronomer)  Maja Ratkje (Norway) and Signe Kjelstrup (Chemist)  Sarah Lipstate (LA/Austin) and Marie Curie (Physicist)  Paola Prestini (NYC) and Andrew Kruczkiewicz (Climatologist)  Graham Reynolds (Austin) and Barry Chernoff (Biologist) and Kristen Harris (Neuroscientist) April 19 | 4:00 pm April 20 | 7:00 pm