Communicate better

Learn key communication skills to communicate better in your intimate relationships. «How can we communicate better when we are so bad at it?» Is a question I hear a lot as a relationship coach. Which is a good question, because most of us have never learned how to communicate well. We are running on past programming which mostly doesn’t work. In this workshop you will learn: Communication skills and strategies The rules of engagement How to deal with conflict & reduce tension What to avoid Ways to share yourself and explore your partner to enhance intimacy This workshop is for you if: You and your partner are good at communicating You get stuck in the same old patterns Communication leads to conflict & tension You don’t know how to improve You want to feel closer to your partner How this works The workshop is run live, in Brisbane, Australia. It will be about 1.5 to 2 hours long. Live participants can comment and ask questions.  It is not problem if you can’t make it live. A replay with all links, resources and journal prompts will be sent out the following day. Either way is fine and really beneficial to you.