Childbirth Education APRIL (Long Form – Brooklyn)

10 Hr. Weekend Intensive / Saturday & Sunday 10-3pm At Carriage House, we have culled our shared birth and postpartum experiences and training to develop a strong, interesting and fun classroom experience. We believe that it is best to fill your perinatal tool bag with as many options as possible, therefore we teach what is most useful and use what we feel are the best elements from the various laboring and healing methods that are out there today. Whether at home, in a hospital, or a birth center, we believe that good outcomes happen when fear is replaced by confidence and understanding of the gestational body and the very normal experience that is pregnancy, childbirth and the early postpartum period. The Carriage House Birth Intensive Childbirth Education is a 10 hour, one weekend (Saturday, Sunday) commitment. Class covers but is not limited to: – Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth – Physical and Emotional Stages of Pregnancy – Physical and Emotional Stages of Labor – Pain Coping Techniques – from visualization to hands on, water and beyond – Birth Preferences (formerly known as the birth plan) – Pain Management Options and hands on practice – Labor Support–who to have at your birth – Interventions and Induction – Cesarean Birth – Your Postpartum Body, Mind and Life Class fees / for 2 people.