Cherry Blossom Picnic in the Park 2016

It’s always difficult to judge these things but if the weather is good and the blossoms are out then we’ll be having a picnic down by the castle. Bring whatever food you like and maybe a little extra to share 🙂 Everyone from 0-99+ is welcome 🙂 Participation fee: 400yen (200yen to cover costs plus 200yen for good causes) Costs will be blue tarps and a supply of plates, cups, wet wipes and plastic trash bags etc. The good causes are currently Osaka Tabunka Kyosei Center; an organisation that helps foreign residents integrate into Japanese culture and TELL; a mental health and phone couseling service. Members of both organisations will be present at the event. Let’s all be mindful picnickers and keep the area clean and litter free, bags will be provided. We will also try our best to separate the trash for recycling purposes. If the weather is bad we’ll move it to the next weekend