Charity trustee induction and refresher training – Cambridge

This course provides charity trustees with essential legal training to enable them to comply with law and best practice in fulfilling their duties and furthering the success of the charity. It is vital that all charity trustees and senior managers within charities know and understand the role, duties and responsibilities of trustees. The Charity Commission expects all charities to include in their Annual Report the steps that have been taken to ensure that all trustees have received appropriate training. This course provides a cost effective way to achieve this, as it is aimed at providing trustees with the essential training required to effectively carry out their roles. Course outline 08.30 Registration 09:00 Introduction 09:10 Discussing your learning objectives 09:20 Understanding your governing documents 10:00 Charity regulations 10:30 Coffee break 10:45 Charity employment 12:00 Trustees duties, responsibilities and liabilities 12:45 Revisiting learning objectives 13:00 Lunch If you have any questions, please contact elaine-snedker on 01223 643103.