Character Comedy Workshop with Cameron Macleod

If you’re feeling like you always play the same characters on stage, or have a few tried and true archetypes and want to branch out to something new and exciting but aren’t sure how, this workshop is for you. The one and only Cameron MacLeod of the always hilarious improv group, Matterhorn, and purveyor of the monthly solo sketch show The Hero Show, will help you find the hilarity in all of your characters, whether they be improvised or written. Focusing on both physicality, voice and writing, you will venture out of your comfort zone and learn the secrets behind finding strong grounded characters, entertaining improvised monologues, switching between playing several characters in the same scene, and putting ideas to paper with a solo sketch character writing workshop. Runs Wednesdays from 8pm-10pm at the Instant Studios, from April 13th to May 18th. Final performance on May 19th. | Contato | Privacy | Terms