Chappell Family Reunion 2020

Greetings Chappell Family!!!  We are in the planning stages of our 2020 Family Reunion!!! Yaaaa!!! Its going on 10 years since our last reunion in Atlanta!!! Wow!! Time goes by fast!!! Well, we refuse to allow another 10 years to go by without us gathering for a fun-filled weekend together!!! As noted, the family reunion will be in Cleveland, Ohio. The host hotel and activities are still being worked out, however, the dates are Friday, July 17th – Sunday, July 19th, 2020. Your attendence and participation are an essential part of continuing the Chappell Legacy. We are all over the World!!! And need to know who we are, where we are to know where we are going!!! This will be the main page for obtaining information about the upcoming reunion. ****Please note ahead of time, information on this page MAY CHANGE….I MAY BE CHANGES….so please look for the noted updates with dates to see when things have changed. Below are SAMPLES of the amounts for the reunion so that families can begin to budget for the event. AGAIN, THESE PRICES MAY CHANGE!!!! However, we have to have some type of range to begin with.  Thus far, we have about 8-10 family members who have been committed to calling into our monthly planning call. As we progress, those individuals and their roles will be revealed. If you are interested in helping, please feel free to call me, Angie at 404-425-4660. ******FUNDRAISER*****We will be doing some fundraisers to gather seed money for deposits and other misc costs. Our 1st fundraiser will be a 50-50 Mother’s Day Raffle. Any interested family member can sell raffle tickets. Contacts are: Angela in Atlanta and Pat in Cleveland. If you are interested in being a contact in your city, feel free to contact us. *****FAMILY FACEBOOK PAGE***** We have a Chappell Family Facebook Page! Please join it!! Please add to it!!! It is located at:  Well…I think that’s all for now!!! Love, Peace and Kisses!!! Angie Date: 3/15/2019