Changing the Stats: How To Build Diverse & Inclusive Teams

Cultures are living, breathing things. Cultures are shaped by what makes each and every one of us unique: whether it’s our socio-economic background, what gender we identify with, our age, sexual orientation, race, religion, and so much more. We’re all different, and the more we embrace our differences, the richer our cultures can become. Workplace culture is no different. No matter what industry you’re in, company culture is an integral part of how businesses behave and what they can achieve. Today, only 28% of the tech industry in Australia is female, with a mere 14% of women holding executive positions. Globally, the stats are even more worrying. Tech giants like Facebook have reported that only 3% of its U.S. workforce is black, 3% is Hispanic and 29% is Asian, which means that the technology used by 2.41 billion people monthly has been created by a ~70% white team. This story around lacking diversity is all too common. It’s time to change the stats! Join Coder Academy + representatives from a select group of Australia’s most diverse and inclusive companies this September, as we look at how we can build and support more inclusive and diverse teams. The discussion will revolve around the realities of diversity within Australian businesses (or lack thereof!), the business value diverse teams can offer, how inclusive work environments lead to better results, and initiatives proven to increase the recruitment and retention of diverse people.