Certified Scrum Product Owner® Workshop

One of the most important things to learn when practicing Scrum is how to build a great Product Backlog with your team. The Product Backlog is the tool that provides transparency to the team’s work to ensure we optimize the business value delivered. The Product Owner is accountable for managing the Product Backlog, however, Scrum is not very prescriptive over how the Product Owner manages the backlog. There are explicit rules however to keep in mind when deciding how to prioritize work for your team as well as validating their work during the sprints. This workshop will fully immerse Product Owners to understand their role and responsibilities in Scrum. In addition,we will cover practical ways to apply the theory through team exercises and hands on learning with real examples. At the end of this course you will be able to: Comprehend the agile ideas and principles and how they apply to Scrum Develop a clear project charter that inspires and motivates a team Define the product backlog and transform epics and themes into actionable user stories Apply a methodical approach for prioritizing items in the product backlog Get a clear view of individual roles, responsibilities and how they interact Produce accurate plans for fixed-scope and fixed-date projects using velocity ranges This course accounts for 16 SEU’s and up to 14 Category B PDU’s