Celebration Day for Girls in the Moon Lodge – May

The day a girl gets her first period is possibly her most important rite of passage. She will never go back to being a child again. She is now fertile and needs to be respected amongst society as a growing woman. In the west, we do not know what to do to prepare a girl for this time. We do not talk about periods, or the conversation is reserved for a special day at school when a teacher comes and talks about reproduction and growing bodies. Unfortunately, the subject is very taboo. Celebration Day for Girls is a beautiful way of breaking through this entrenched taboo topic and bringing a sense of excitement, belonging, appreciation and wonder to being a woman and having a menstrual cycle. The workshop is designed as a one-day workshop for 10-12 years old girls with their mother or female carer. This carefully crafted workshop supports girls and their mothers at this special threshold in both their lives, and provides an affirming, grounded and connected celebration of the journey to womanhood. We enjoy lively discussion, fun activities, women’s stories and a gentle celebration of the magical threshold of puberty and menarche. During the Day girls are warmly invited into the time-honoured, nurturing connection and support women have long shared with each other. Many participants report that their mother-daughter relationship is enriched and enlivened as the doors of communication in this key area of female experience and development are opened wide. Throughout the course of the day we engage the girls in gentle creative activities, stories, and information relating to their unfolding experience into womanhood. Our focus is on creating a strong sense of mutual sharing and support around menstruation. For more information please see Fiona’s website the national website  . PLEASE NOTE – There are two days required for this event.  There is a Mums Night on Wednesday 18th December from 6.30pm-8.45pm and also the full day on Sunday 29th December.  Mothers attend the Wednesday night without their daughter.  On the Sunday, the daughters attend from 9.30am-1pm, and the Mothers join us from 1pm-4.15pm for a joint session with both mums and daughters, in the afternoon.  Both the Wednesday night and the Sunday afternoon are required for the mums. “My daughter is really happy since the session. Facing the future with confidence and information has made a big difference already.” “We loved the day and have chatted about things, my daughter said she feels more at ease and relaxed about it happening now.  I have ordered some books which I am looking forward to reading with her.” “Fiona was an exceptional facilitator who seemed to be able to connect to each girl and mother, helping to stimulate sharing, while informing and empower each of us, using age old methods of ritual.  I recommend Fiona to facilitate this fabulous, empowering, informative connecting day for all Class 5 girls each year. Fiona is passionate about girls and women’s health a qualified Doula, a massage therapist and also facilitates women’s sacred moon circles.  She is sewing a powerful seed of health and healing for our girls future.” “Thank you for a wonderful day.  My daughter came home and immediately put on a pad, checked for hairs and asked more questions.  She said it was one of the best days she has ever had.  Thank you for your generous spirit and the wonderful course.”